Thursday, March 20, 2008

March TIF

I finally got March's challenge finished. The fabrics used in this piece is cottons, silk diponi,brocade(I believe that is what it is).
Threads used were Rajmahal silk, Jewel Effects E334, Dmc Floss, Dmc Rayon Perle 5, Sassa Lynne Perle Fine,Anchor Marlin,KNK Silk,TYI Silk.
I am really pleased with this block. The peacock motif, and all the seam treatments came out of Carole Samples Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches. This book is definately a treasure to have in your library. The peacock was done using the split stitch for the body, beak and the black,white,and aqua green of the feathers, and then stem stitch for the rest of the feathers.I am making all my blocks on point, can't wait to have enough to make a quilt top with.


Anonymous said...

The book is wonderful and she's a treasure for sure! I wish I was able to count and plan like her! I love how you have the peacock in center and the tail going down. It is beautiful! Great block! The tiny details in looking at a peacock's feather you've captured well! Laura Lea

NuvoFelt said...

Love the peacock, and an ideal background

karen said...

Very beautiful Thelma it sparkles're going to have one fantastic quilt when its done.


donnag said...

Oh, I love this!
I just must do a peacock!

It is perfect!

Donna Godfrey

Thelma said...

Thank you everyone for the wonderful compliments on my peacock block, it was so fun to do!

Wendy said...

I really love this peacock! I am in a Peacock RR right now. I had no idea that there were so many gorgeous ways to make a peacock.

Charlene said...

Oh, so pretty, Thelma. Love these colors! I agree with The Treasure. My favorite, too.