Saturday, May 19, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Candy Harris.

I think I will have no problems telling 7 things about myself. My problem was finding five people to tag. But I found them. (g)

1. I geuss I was 6 or 7 years old when this happened. We lived in a big house in the country. My dad was a farmer. Well, it had been raining and it finally quit, so off I went to play outside. We had a huge front porch and I always loved running from one side of the porch to the other side where the tv antenna was and I would grab ahold of that antenna and swirl down to the ground. Now remember it had just got through raining. Well my dad talked on the cb radio every since I can remember. He had his cb antenna on the other side of the house toward the back. This house had a tin roof. Sooo... when I ran and grabbed the antenna and swirled down as soon as my feet hit that wet ground I was stuck...My body was shaking like crazy, and couldn't get my hands from around that antenna. I was screaming to the top of my lungs and finally mom came running out. It took her putting her two arms together and coming up with full force to knock me off that antenna. What had happened was dad's cb antenna had a short in it, and with the tin roof it traveled through to the tv antenna and once my feet hit that wet ground I was totally being electrocuted. Maybe that's what's wrong with me now. I fried my brain. (g)

2.I have been quilting for 7 years and was getting kind of tired of the same stuff. So I started doing some landscape quilts, learning to paint portraits on cloth with chalk pastels. And I had wanted to learn Crazy Quilting for a long time and just this year finally took the time to learn. I love embroidery and the design involved with crazy quilting.

3.For about a year now I have been studying color. I have taken four classes at Quilt University on color and have loved everyone of them. One of the classes I was taking with Lily Kerns ,she gave me the urge to try hand dyeing. Probably would never had tried it if it hadn't been for her encouragement.She told me the best way to study color is to do it, and she was so right. Thank you Lily!
So then I took a class with Marjie McWilliams and so glad I did. I took that class and now am involved in some dyeing groups on yahoo and love those ladies. We swap color swatches and have lots of fun together.

4.I have four sons ages 18,19,22,25 and two step sons 22, 30. And a DIL age 22.
And a soon to be DIL who is 20 and another one who is I believe 22. I might need to check on that one. (g) Anyways, I love them all so very much. They are the greatest.
I almost had them all at home this past Christmas. Only one son wasn't able to make it, and one soon to be DIL. We sure do have a houseful when we are all together. lol! But it is nice.

5. I am so excited. I have signed up for Sharon Boggins 3 Day CQ and 1 Day Building Stitches class in Dallas in May of 2008. Sharon is touring the US next year. Dallas will be her first stop. I can't wait. As a matter of fact, signing up for Sharon's class and talking in the forumn, I got an email from Sherry Ford. She saw that I was from Bald Knob, and she used to live here. She lives in Little Rock now. Well, we have been talking back and forth and this next Tuesday we are going to meet each other. I am so excited. Sherry also teaches crazy quilting. She is going to Dallas too, so it's going to be so neat meeting her next week. That reminds me, I have to get signed up for Sharon's
Sumptious Surfaces class.It sounds like lots of fun.

6. Am I there yet? lol almost. This may be a little harder than I thought.
Ok, I had just gotten a brand new Jeep Liberty. I think I had it for three months. My husband and one of my sons' were camping at Marianna fishing. Well I was going to meet them there. I was on I 40 and come across some construction work. Everyone was at a complete standstill. Well, we got going again and all of a sudden a standstill. I got to noticing in my rear view mirror, it didn't look like that semi was slowing down at all. I said nope he isn't so I turned my wheel toward the empty lane and almost moved to that lane but thought well he may go over there. Well, here he came and then I thought wow he missed me, then all of a sudden WHAM!!! That jeep shot out like a bullet, I went skidding on my driver side, then on my top, then on the passenger side then finally landed back on the wheels.If I had not turned my steering wheel, I would have got slammed into the mini van in front of me. I thank God everyday that I had my seatbelt on. The window on the drivers side broke completely out, when I was sliding on the top, the windsheild was only held together from the glue. Needless to say my Liberty was totalled. Before the ambulance got there I had the policeman call my husband and I hadn't gotten to the hospital long when they showed up. I went back with them to the camper, cause it was lot closer to go there than to go home, and then the next day we went home. I was sore for a while but was very thankful I walked away from that accident. Even the ambulance driver told me just the week before that wreck didn't turn out as good as mine did.

7.I have made so many friends online in my yahoo groups. I have tons of emails everyday, but being there is so much fun. Doing my heart swaps with all the wonderful ladies there. Round Robins in another group,learning all about CQ with such a bunch of wonderful ladies there, learning embroidery from that bunch of wonderful ladies. And dyeing lots and lots of fabrics with the wonderful bunch of ladies in my dyeing groups. Hey guys you're the best!

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