Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I had a fun day of overdyeing yesterday. Overdyeing is where you take a piece of fabric and dye over it. I used some pieces from my second batching of primary colors and overdyed them to a brighter yellow. On the Golden Yellows (top left) I used 1 Lemon Yellow; (top right) 2 Bright Yellow.On the orange yellow (bottom left) I used 1 Lemon Yellow and on the Grayed Yellow (bottom right) 2 Bright Yellow. Very interesting seeing the different results.


Sarah said...

I love seeing your progess on the dying - having too much fun! You're getting some wonderful colors!

Thelma said...

Thanks so much Sarah!It has been a blast. I got a bolt of P&B Dyers Cloth yesturday, so let the fun commence!

Candi Harris said...

Wow Thelma you've been busy!:) I love what you've done with the Overdyeing, it's just great!

Thelma said...

Thanks Candi! I am really having lots of fun. One of these days I am going to dye silk for my cq projects. (If I ever get going with that)lol It's in my plans though.