Sunday, January 21, 2007


I had another fun day of dyeing yesturday. Learned some interesting things. This was suppose to be Beige to True Brown. The bottom row I used 26 Sky Blue, 2 Bright Yellow, 10 Fire red. These are somewhat the color they should be. The top row I used 26 Sky Blue, 1 Lemon Yellow, 12 Light Red and what a difference in color the changing of the red and yellow made. This will definately help in my study of color. I have signed up for Carol Millers Gradation and Transparencies class at quilt I plan on hand dyeing my fabrics for this class. It's going to be a GREAT color study for me.


Susan said...

You are really dying away! Your gradations are fabulous, and the yellows are an interesting bunch, too. I think you are having too much fun!

Thelma said...

Thanks Susan!
I am having loads of fun. I have been working on the color wheel and those have turned out great! I ran out of yellow dye so I have to order me some more. Just like 2 colors having my color wheel done.