Friday, February 24, 2012

Arkansas Adventure BOM

 Wow! Where does the time go? I had decided it was time to set a day to work a little on some of my UFO's. I chose to finish my Arkansas Adventure Block of Month that I had purchased. I figured I better re-read the instructions on the paper piecing cause it had been so long since I paper pieced. The two blocks up above is all that I had gotten done on this quilt top. This BOM was mailed to me from Jaynette Huff in Conway Arkansas. She had come up with this quilt top. The blocks are civil war fabrics but the borders I'm not so sure. I guess that is what happens when you wait seven years to work on something. I found the info, 2005 was when this BOM was to begin. WOW! So I got busy this afternoon and completed block #3. Hey at least it is a start. I am hoping to work on these blocks every Friday.
Once I get this quilt top done and assembled then I will start on my next BOM project that never got finished.


SarahZ said...

I am doing my first ever sounds like you are right on track, just a couple years off...maybe you could do a bom from each unfinished project, each month starting with March? Make it a 2x bom :) Good luck, regardless :)

Alex said...

Is that a swastika??(the last one)

Thelma said...

No it isn't Alex, when I first looked at it I thought the same thing and almost didn't make it but it wasn't meant to be a swastika at all. At least to my knowledge
If I find out it was meant to be one I will throw it away.

Thelma said...

Also meant to say it is pinwheels, If you look at it closely you can see the pinwheels.