Sunday, January 9, 2011

Strathmore Visual Journal - Workshop 1

For lesson one of the Strathmore Visual Journal Workshop , we were to take some of our old art and photo copy it in black and white. I could not find black , mine only showed colored or grey scale so I printed it off in grey scale.

The background is a copy of some Zentangles I had done. The lady is from a class, learning to color on fabric with crayons and using embroidery stitches. If you click here you can see what it looked like on the fabric.

I decided I wanted to turn her into a fairy, possibly a flower fairy. So I had a page of flower designer papers and cut out one of the flowers and placed that on.

Of course being a flower fairy it's definitely going to attract the butterflies. Instead of using the butterfly that was in the fabric photo , I chose to use one from some of the ephemera I had downloaded for collaging. I have got to get better at marking whom I got the ephemera from when I download it. Don't remember if it was from Mary Green, from some of her classes or The Vintage Moth or Vintage Catnip.

I have got into the practice of putting the name of whom I got the ephemera from , so now I shouldn't have this problem anymore of knowing where they came from.

The wings are a copy of a dragonfly I had made using angelina fibers, you can see that pic here .

Of course my printer is an ink jet printer, so there was a little smudging when I glued the pieces down. I will be able to take care of that problem in the next lesson, so no biggy.
One advantage of being so late on the first lesson, I have already looked at the next lesson and know what's going to take place with this piece. So hopefully I will get the next lesson done before lesson 3 comes up. lol


arts4all said...

Love the strips of Zentangles torn apart and re-grouped. Great idea for a background!

Thelma said...

Thanks Susan!