Monday, December 27, 2010

Mail Art Swap

I received my mail art swap today!!! YAY!!! I had thought my mail carrier got it lost, expecially when I saw Wil posted she got hers and she lives in the Netherlands. I got to thinking, which address did I put on those envelopes. I opened up the address sheet that Lenna had emailed and sure enough she had me down for one of my other addresses. So as soon as I could ,I drove over to the other place and there my beauties were. Talk about being excited!!!
The first envelope came from Sabine Schneider in Germany! Such beautiful work and she also enclosed a card she had made inside. Isn't it just beautiful! It looks like the envelope was made out of Lutrador. Sabine, please tell how you made this beautiful work of art.

And this is the beautiful envelope Lenna made to send all the swapped mail to me. Love, love the textured leaves. Also where did you get your mail art stamp from? That is too cool.
And this beautiful envelope is from Leslie Snowden from California. Such beautiful work.
She also included some beautiful vintage post cards that were sent to her maternal grandmother.
I can't wait to use those beauties in some of my work. Thank you so much Leslie!!! I didn't post pics of the post cards but let me tell you they are beautiful !

And this envelope is from Frieda Oxenham from Scotland, UK. I have been a follower of Frieda's blog for a little while now and when I saw I had received one of her envelopes I was so thrilled! And let me tell you she has been getting the snow here lately. I love her work and I also received a beautiful card she had made. Totally awesome!!

I want to thank Lenna, Frieda, Leslie and Sabine for the beautiful work that each of you have shared. I've got to figure out how I can display these lovely pieces of art! Thanks Lenna for having the swap and looking forward to the notecard swap.


ColourFly said...

Hi Thelma,

Oh I am glad, you like my art mail!!! And yes the envelop is coloured lutradur. I coloured it with diluted acrylic paints and stamped it afterwards.

I am still waiting.....


friedaquilter said...

I'm just so pleased one of my MailArt pieces has landed with you, Thelma. And that also meant I received your beautiful envelope. A real treat! And thanks for reading my blog!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Thelma, what a lovely post - thanks so much! I know I told you, but for your readers, the circular Mail ART stamp is from CatsLife Press.
I just went there recently and found a bunch of new stamps I had to have!!
I am so glad you enjoyed the swap so much, I would love to see you in another one anytime!!