Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Stitch Files

Sharon Boggins has done a fantastic job in making Stitch Files . You can read all about it here
It is fantastic in the fact you are making samples of different stitches and will always have it for future reference. You will be making your own stitching book. She done a wonderful job on how she wrote the name of the stitches in a way that will be easy to find. Then on top of that she gives awesome eyecandy showing the different stitches. I will definately be buying the modules when she gets them ready. I am so glad Sharon has done this for us. The first stitches she gives are free and the modules will have like 15-20 different stitches. I am all excited about this and Thank You so much Sharon for doing this for us.

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sharonb said...

Thanks for spreading the word and letting other people know I appreciate it and I am pleased you like them. I think the stitch along group will be fun too