Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Zentangle Basics

After going through over half of my sketchbook and going through 4 pens, I have completed the book Zentangles basics. Believe me I have more practice to go before I order another zentangle book. But I can't wait to get Zentangles 2 and 3 and Totally Tangled. I also got to practice with coming up with different strings. I have posted some of the tangles below.
There are 25 tangles in this book. I'm not going to bore you with all my practice pieces. But have posted about 5 different attempts below. Mind you they aren't perfect but getting a great start on learning to tangle.
Below are tangles Chartz, Printemps, Tagh, Moonwalk, Lightning Bolt, Hollibagh, Waves, Cross Stitch, King's Crown, Chevron, Knightsbridge, Tufts, Cubine, Keeko.
So that is 14 of the tangles. Don't laught now. lol I definantly need more practice.

Below are tangles W2, Connectors, Web, Printemps, and Flying Geese. That W2 can get confusing to make for sure. And I definately got to practice on my shading. So that is 4 more differant tangles for a total of 18.

Below are tangles Flukes, Keeko and Cross Stitch. One new one so now a total of 19 different tangles.

Swirls make 20 tangles.

Below are Squares, Growth, King's Crown and Queen's Crown and Corn Rows, giving a total of 24 tangles. There is only one tangle, Fence that I havent' put into my practice. I was really pleased with the way this turned out. Being my first time to overlap tangles. I messed up in a couple spots but I'm happy with it. Now time for more practicing.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

awesome, Thelma! i love your tangles!!