Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crazy and Sane Part 2

Here are the names of the ladies who made the blocks for me. There are a few whom the name got lost off the blocks, but with them being made in 2001 I'm surprised I have a name left on any of them. The pics below are after I added the sane part to each block. In the first post of Crazy and Sane you can see the blocks that were given to me before I done anything with them.

Lost the name of the person whom made the first block, second block made by Oleta Sherman.

First block made by Brenda Goodwin, second by Susan Jewell. Up till I started to do something with these blocks I had never noticed that when Brenda made this block apparently she didn't pay attention to the placement of the block when she was embellishing.I had to place the block where the heart was upside down, cause I thought it might look a little funny with the spider hanging upside down.

First block made by BJ, second mady by Judy Hlavenka.

Block made by Carla Smith.

First block made by Clarice Williams, second block Edna Spence.

First block made by Alberta Swanson, second by me, this was a block I made learning Judith Baker Montano's peicing techniques in her new DVD. I also took this block to Wichita to practice my stitches in Carole Samples class last November. As you can tell I never finished it. lol But it will get done.

First block made by Wanda second block lost the name of the maker.

First block made by Edna Spence, second made by Jackie Arnold. If you look here second pic on top, you can see I changed the center piece. I added the roses as a center motif instead of the two colors Jackie had put in.This block came naked so I used this block when Sharon B. started the TAST. So the work that was done was done by me,,I was just learning back then. I will finish the block up soon.

Block made by Darlene.

First block lost the name, second block made by BJ.

First block made by Faith Traylor and second by Mary Hamilton.

Lost the name of the person whom made the first block, second block done by Nancy Toney.

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