Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crazy and Sane Part 1

In 2001 I belonged to a quilt group and every month they would draw a name and everyone would make a block for the person that was drawn for that month. I was interested in learning to crazy quilt at the time so I put down I wanted them to make crazy quilt blocks. So you can see here here and here
the blocks that were made for me. Some of them embellished and some of them not.
So I decided to finally do something with these blocks. I am taking Cindy Thury Smith's class Crazy and Sane. So I decided to use these blocks for this class. It is very interesting to see how some of the sane quilters made the cq blocks. You can tell some of them had probably never made a cq block before, but that's ok I believe I can fix them up to be beautiful...I hope anyways. lol I will be changing things in some of the blocks and adding things as I go. Next post will be progress so far. Probably lots of posts on this class so stay tuned everyone.


Gerry Krueger said...

Your upside down heart looks like a gorgeous pear to me... Go with it... Hugs Gerry

Thelma said...

Great idea Gerry! Thanks,,that's what it will become,, a pear.