Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I got online after my first attempt of tatting and found this wonderful online tatting class
They also have a yahoo group you can join for beginning tatters. I will be attending my first online class this Thursday. The first row of tatting are the lessons for the class, with the exception of the Hen and Chicks which I will wait for class cause I can't get that one figured out. lol The motif at the bottom is from Barbara Foster's book, It's the one I done first just using varigated floss. I had the harderst time for some reason with the butterfly,,but Cynthia helped me along and I finally got it. I didn't leave the extra thread for the antennae's cause I will put this on a CQ block and add them then. Thanks Cynthia so much for your help.


***Jon**** said...

Hi Thelma,
As first attempts, I think your stitches are vrey neat and regular. Well done. You are going to enjoy the online class. The teachers are very good and you'll learn very fast.

Maggie R said...

Oh Thelma.. Thanks for being my inspiration..
says Maggie sqealing with delight!
Your work is amazing.....I'm off to see the link.. tra la la la la la

Karen said...

Wow, so beautiful Thelma, these are fantastic.

Kathy said...

Hi Thelma, I think your tatting is wonderful. I have been attending the tatting classes Thursday evenings too.