Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've Been Double Tagged

I've been tagged by Karen, and Susan. The rules are that you go to your fourth picture in your album,,or as I done and get the fourth picture you posted on your blog, and post it. My fourth picture happened to be the quilt I made for Jason and Stef for a Christmas present in 2006. December of 2006 was when I first started my blog. The quilt was made from a monthly BOM club I was in when I lived in Mt. View.
So now I will pick these four people to tag:
Pat Winters
Now you don't have to play along,,don't feel you have too,,but it would be fun seeing what your fourth photo you blogged or put in your photo's would be.

1 comment:

Pat Winter said...

Sorry, I skipped over this...I will post tody :-)
Thank you !!!