Thursday, December 28, 2006

People in Places by Linda Schmidt

The photos posted below are what I done in this class at I really enjoyed this class and am hoping to take Linda's Elements In Fabric that will be coming up in March. She is a great teacher. We took a photo of our choice and enlarged it and made art quilts with them. I was well pleased with the way mine turned out. I chose to use pastel chalks instead of fabric paint because I haven't quite got the knack for fabric painting. I just need to practice.


Rian said...

Hi Thelma,

I took this class a few years ago. I really learned a lot. I actually finished the piece and gave it to my sister as a gift. How did you like the pastel chalks??

Thelma said...

I really like the pastel chalks that I had. I got Generals pastels and was able to keep them sharpened to a point. I can't use pastels if I can't sharpen them.LOL I really enjoyed this class too.