Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Strathmore Visual Journal - Workshop 1-Lesson 4

Woohoo! I have completed the first workshop with Strathmore Visual Journal. Below is the completed lesson and the first lesson. I really liked how this technique makes the collage look more like a painting than collage. I still have issues with the oil pastels, but believe I may be able to overcome it. lol
The next class doesn't start till March 1st. Bummer. But that will give me time to practice on my drawing lessons with Darrel Tank. I am taking his 5 Pencil Method classes. He is an awesome artist! I'm very excited about this and want to thank Carol Sloan of the Sketchbook Challenge for telling us about him.


FredaB said...

Hi thelma

It looks as if you really learned your lessons well.

You have done a great job.



Thelma said...

Thank you so much Freda!