Thursday, January 20, 2011

Strathmore Visual Journal - Workshop 1 REDO

Beverly Sills

The quote above has so much meaning to me, because I definately failed with the previous lessons from the Srathmore Visual Journal workshop. Gotta learn to make sure I have added enough water to the gesso before I apply it to my work. But hopefully with this new project I will get it right. lol

I think I am liking this one a lot better than the other one anyways. So maybe it was a good thing I messed up on the first one.

I am a member of Milliande's Art Journal group. If you would like to see what the group is about click on the link on my side bar. She does an art journal a day and makes a video of her process to give us inspiration on making one similar. Using her templates for day 4, I chose to do the zebra woman. I printed off her pattern, then traced the elements I wanted to work with. Then to keep true to the strathmore workshop , I used pen inks to paint in the black, then made a copy of that and cut it out to use as collage. I printed off the zebra strips from Milliande's templates and cut them out for collage. So below is what I have finished for lesson one of the Strathmore workshop.

Lesson Two consists of using pastels, (which I have never gotten use to using pastels) and then using the gesso . Wish me luck that I get it right this time.

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