Friday, July 2, 2010

My little Grandson

Wanted to share with you pics of my little grandson Joshua. He's such a gem indeed.
He keeps me very busy now that he's learned to walk. He's such a big boy.
This pic was taken on his 1 yr birthday.You can't see the balloon in the pic but he's holding one of his birthday balloons. He loved those balloons.

In this pic we had just bought him his little cap.

The rest of the pics were taken at Easter. I was so impressed with how well he behaved getting these taken.

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FredaB said...

What a beautiful little boy. I bet he is a handful now he is running around.

Hope life gets a little easier for you. After raising your own family it is hard to raise another generation but you do what you have to. Think of all the love when those little arms go around your ne ck..

Hugs and my heart is with you