Friday, September 11, 2009

Red Anemone

As I stated below, I got behind on my lessons and this is the reason I got behind. I wanted to do this thread painted flower. It's called the Red Anemone. I am pleased with how it turned out. I done this flower for three reasons.
1. In my group CQI this months challenge is flowers other than roses.
2. I am practicing these thread painted flowers first to add to my crazy and sane quilt so that by the time I get these done I will be able to do these flowers for
3. my 2012 quilt challenge.
I want to get the practice in so that hopefully my flowers will be outstanding on my 2012 quilt challenge.
My plans for this quilt is to do flowers (thread painted, stumpwork, maybe brazilian embroidery) insects, small animals. The title will be Crazy Bout Nature. I am hoping to hand dye my fabrics for this quilt using the compliments, split compliments, etc of the threads I use for the thread painting. Will see how this goes.


Sharon said...

Thelma your flower is very pretty...your challenge will be beautiful in 2012..


FredaB said...

This flower is just beautiful. It looks like Trish Burr did it herself. Your quilt will be gorgeous.



Karen said...

Very nice Thelma you've done a great job on this.