Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crazy and Sane Block 1

This is block one of my Crazy and Sane Quilt. As you know these blocks were made up from a bunch of ladies in my quilting group I belonged to 5 years ago. I have had them all this time and finally decided to do something with them. This first block I wasn't really happy with the fabrics chosen so I added some things to change it up a bit.

The beautiful heart was made from Maureen Bond. I belonged to the Chain of Hearts group and received this heart from her. So I appliqued it on, then added some lace. Added my dragonfly, and my tatted flower.I am hoping I can pull these all together. It's definately going to be a challenge.

The next block I will be working on has some beautiful fabrics in it, so it will be lots smoother to complete I believe.

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