Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FFT #4

This is the last block for me to work on in this round robin. It was months late getting to me but it arrived and this is the work everyone done to it so far. I studied it for awhile trying to figure out what I could add.
So here's what I tried to accomplish. I wanted to try to break the strong line between the two patches in the upper right of the block. So I made a little vine with leaves and flowers then added a web and spider. The web goes up into the printed fabric but you can't see it really in the picture.
I couldn't add anything up in the blue printed patch because some one had placed beads there so I decided to put a pansy in the little block. This is my first completed RR in the CQI group so now I can join in any RR I want to. Rebeccah was really pleased with her block. She already has it safely back home now.

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