Monday, April 27, 2009

Jr going back into the pit area after qualifying.
This was taken Saturday after Jr was coming into pit road from qualifying.

This is looking across the field.

Looking towards the right of where I was sitting.

And to the left of where I was sitting.


Karen said...

Wow huge stands/bleachers. It seems you had a good time. I have a friend who is nuts about racing and goes to various events with his sister and her husband.

Thelma said...

Hey Karen! Yea, and we were only on the 45th row,,they went lots higher. lol This was my first time to go see the races in person. Usually on get to see it on tv. I guess it kind of runs in my blood, my dad used to drive stockcars when I was younger and I was always at the racetrack on the weekend. I enjoyed it lots, but next time I go I got to bring some binoculars so I can see the other side of the track. lol