Saturday, February 7, 2009

FFT #4

I done a little research on the Japanese custom of Christmas. I really enjoyed reading about it and I sure hope the internet didn't lead me astray.
Starting at the seam that Tami done I wrote Hideko a message using the stem stitch.I'm not going to say what it says,,I am hoping , and eagerly awaiting your answer to what it says. ,,sure hope it means what the internet says it means I added snowflakes under Tami's seam and then on each side of the message. Then I done a little seam work using Christmas colors. Then in my online reading I learned that houses are decorated with small trees,,,so I put a little tree charm and decorated it with beaded garland. I also learned that the houses are decorated with evergreens and mistletoe. Often a tree branch is hung from the ceiling . So I made you an evergreen that hangs on your block Also the evergreen is to bring good luck if I remember correctly.. And sitting on your evergreen I put two turtle doves,,you know,,the one's that was given on the second day of Christmas song,,,well actually the name of the song is 12th Day of Christmas (I believe,,lol) Anyways on the second day my true love gave to me two turtle doves. Now legend of the Turtle doves is this , mated pairs stay together over many years, and possibly for life, the birds were long associated with love and faithfulness. Now what better explanation can you have for Christmas..Faithful love!!! I hope you like my additions Hideko,,and I hope the internet didn't inform me wrong.


Anonymous said...

Thelma, your work on this piece in simply gorgeous..I can actually SMELL that pine branch, it looks so authentic!! Very nice!!! Debbie (Maine)

Cathy K said...

OMG - What an incredible tree branch motif! It is the most beautiful, feathery pine rendition I've ever seen! I know Hideko will love all your thought and heart that went into all the beautiful motifs you added! Hugs, Cathy

TattingChic said...

What beautiful work, here! It's gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. I love the pine realistic, yet still so soft. Very nice! :)

Solstitches said...

Thelma what beautiful work you do!
I think this piece you did for your partner is stunning.
What a lot of care and research you put in. Well done!