Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sewing Studio

When you first open the door to my studio you are facing the cabinets. I still got to get some door pulls,,one of these days I will get that part finished. I have my microwave for dyeing, which I haven't even had a chance to use it yet. Got my blender to mix the dyes really well, a small cutting board etc. On the right is my washer and dryer and sink.

I love this deep sink. I had a little hot water tank that I thought would heat the water up,,but it doesn't so this summer I am going to have to get a bigger hot water heater to put out here so I can have hot water to the washer. Can you see my dyes up on the wall??

Here is my cutting table when it is folded out. Perfect for cutting large fabrics, and definately great to do my dyeing on. Here is what it looks like when closed.
And here is the set up for my little studio. I love the fold down ironing board. It gives me plenty of room in such little space being able to store the cutting table and the sewing center up when not in use.
And here is the sewing center closed up. Again, no door pulls,,the people I bought this from sent the wrong size screws so got to get the right size for the pulls. Haven't gotten to that yet. lol So here is my little cozy hide out. I guess I forgot to take the pic of the cabinet that sets to the left,,oh well, this will give you an idea what my little space looks like.


Candi said...

Thelma it's awesome!! How great or you! I wish mine was set up to work in, I can only store my fabrics and have a very small cutting board. When we get the garage done, a portion will be turned into a cutting area. In the meantime, my dinning room is my sewing and cutting room. lol

NormaH said...

Great looking space Thelma. I must say the fold up cutting table is the greatest help. Mine is like that but is never folded up as it is in constant use LOL

Cathy K said...

Wow, Thelma. You have a nice set-up there! Lots of space and even a sink. DH has told me we'll add one to the laundry room for me to use for dyeing, but it's not high on the list. I bet your creative juices get going in your space! Hugs, Cathy

Karen said...

Love your little set-up Thelma, what a lucky girl you are and yes I spotted the dyes right away.

Susan said...

Wow, your studio is fabulous! What wonderful things you have in there for all your interests.

Thelma said...

Thank you guys,,I love my little space. I just wished I could spend more time out there than what I've gotten too.