Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stichin Fingers

I belong to several of the stichin fingers group. So I decided to combine two with one. In the Hand Embroidery group Sharon listed a long list of stitches for us to work with and practice with. I also belong to the Fabric Book group with Pat Winter.
I just now am finally getting to work on that. I purchased Diana Lampe with Jane Fisk book Embroidery for all Season. My fabric page when completed will be the Cottage Garden. There will be 16 different flowers done for the first page of my fabric book. Then the Spring Garden which will have 18 different flowers,Summer Garden with 23 flowers,Kardinal Rose Garden with 9,Autumn Garden with 20,and Winter Garden with 19. So that will give me 6 pages for my fabric book. Also being able to use the different stitches to make these flowers will get a lot of the stitches on Sharons list for the hand embroidery.

Rose (Standard) Rosa
Stiches used were stem stitch, detached chain, and bullion.

Foxglove Digitalis purpurea
Stitches used Stem stitch,Buttonhole stitch, French knots, and Satin leaf stitch.

Agapanthus Agapanthus orientalis
This was done on a practice cloth,,probably will use this for a silkie on a cq block. But it does has it's place on my fabric page. Stitches used were Fly stitch, Whipped stem stitch, and stem stitch.

And here is the beginnings of my fabric page.

The fabric chosen for this project was a gift from my friend Karen Waldie. We belong to dyehard group, a group of fabric dyers. This was one of her snow dyed pieces of fabric.


Miss 376 said...

These are beautiful. The foxgloves are my favourites

Pat Winter said...

Beautiful stitching. The fabric is a perfect backdrop. This is going to be beautiful! It already is!
Thanks for the Bday wishes.

NormaH said...

Most impressive Thelma! The flowers are all so real looking and will be gorgeous wherever you use them.

morvoren said...

Thanks for sharing these delightful stiching ideas,Very much on my wave lengh, how interesting this book looks too. I love your work its truly superb. Oh heck another book to add to my wish list!!!!! Its where is the money coming from??? lol

quiltlion said...

Thelma, Your stitching is just wonderful! I love your flowers! Lyn G

Shelley said...

This is looking lovely - I really like the shading in the foxgloves!

Gabriele said...

Your stitching is beautiful and Karen's snow dyed fabric is the perfect backdrop to showcase your needlework.

Thelma said...

Thank you all so much for all the wonderful compliments. I will be adding more as I get each one finished. Thanks for visiting my blog.

verobirdie said...

Thelma, this is beautiful! I love them all.

Tenar said...

Hi Thelma,
Thanks for your comment on my blog, it pointed me to yours which was new to me. This piece is going to be wonderful when finished. I love how you use the stitches to bring out the individual character of all these flowers. So inventive.

Karen said...

Very cool, I'd forgotten I'd even given you that piece of material :)

Your book is going to be beautiful when it's done.