Friday, September 26, 2008

Daddie's Ties are Momma's Now

I am getting things ready for the Victorian Stitchery Retreat that will be held November 6-8 in Wichita Kansas. I am taking classes with Carole Samples,,learning to use her templates and learning how to make the fan block with the beautiful lace she has done. I'm very excited. At first I thought I would dye some fabrics and use those cause I didn't think I had enough ties to do more than one block,,,boy was I wrong. I believe I had 19 of DH ties that I was able to cut up for my upcoming project. Well, two of them were my two youngest boys ties. So I have all kinds of variety here. If your registered to go to this retreat please leave a message and let me know. So looking forward to meeting everyone.

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Karen said...

If you run out of tie material Thelma check out the thrift shops as them seem to have a lot of them there.