Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wedding Continued

The grooms cake,,I think they did a great job on the cake. I was worried that I got the cake to big , but it was almost all gone before I left. I hate getting pics made of myself, they never turn out good. lol The expression on my face Urgh....but then I was afraid I was fixing to mess the cake up lifting it up like this.
From left to right, Nick(groomsman) Eric and Erica (my son and now daughter) and son Sam (best man)

Erica holding up their marriage liscense.

Eric posing at his grooms table.


Charlene said...

Great pics, Thelma. Everything is beautiful: bride, groom, setting, and especially Mother. I know you must be quite proud, as you should be! Thanks for sharing the special occassion with us.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is looking good Thelma and so happy. You must be very proud. Take care have a good Christmas.


Thelma said...

Thanks Charlene and Karen!
I am very proud. (VBG)
Hope you both had a fantastic Christmas and will have a very Happy New Year.