Sunday, December 30, 2007

Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches

I have decided to take time out and learn all the stitches in Carole's book Treasury of Crazy Quilt stitches. I am learning to use her templates and make the stitches using them. These are the stitches I have gotten done so far. It will be a slow progress, but one worth the effort to better myself in embellishing cq blocks. This year will be dedicated to learning all the stitches in this book. I am making mini samplers with the stitches, and also use cardstock to put all the info of the template used, etc so that in the future when I want to use a certain stitch I have all the info I need to do it. You go through all the hard work figuring out which template and how to make the stitch, you definately want all that info written down for future use. (g)

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Anonymous said...

These are really nice Thelma and such a good idea to have them as a reference. I love embroidery but don't do any myself so I think it's amazing when others can do it.