Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sumptious Surface with Sharon Boggin

I am taking Sharon Boggin's class on Sumptious Surfaces. It is going to be a great class. Sharon is teaching us design. Above is what I have come up with.

My concept is:
My response to the war in Iraq. Being there must consist of turmoil and lonliness. Coming home must bring peace and serenity.

Sharon, what do you think about it so far. Am I going in the right direction?


Candi Harris said...

Looking really good Thelma! I think your concept is awesome.

NormaH said...

Hi Thelma, I agree with Candi, I think your concept is awesome. However you execute it everything will work out well.

Susan said...

I'm guessing you moved the soldier because of a comment from Sharon? I actually liked him with the hands, though. We'll see at the end.

Great design! I'm glad you are enjoying the class so much and getting so much out of it.