Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bingo Winnings

A few months ago we played Bingo in our dyehard group. (a group of wonderful ladies whom dyes fabric and swaps)This was my first bingo game and I won. Yoohoo I was so happy I never win anything. But boy did I score with this one. I got this fantastic book from Alice and I can't wait to start experimenting.I will be ordering me some more fabric soon and boy what fun I will have when it gets here. Thanks Alice!

Wow, is all I can say about the beautiful beautiful things that Emma from France sent me for winning bingo. She had looked at my blog and knew I liked these kind of things. I have to decide on something very special to make with these beautiful fabrics. Emma, if you read this post I need to know what a kit like this would cost and convert if for me? I am in no way familiar with the differences in US dollars and France. (g)
The one thing of winning bingo is now I am hostess of the bingo game we just started, and whomever the winner is I have to decide on a great gift to send to them. So I will have to wait and see who wins and decide on what to get from there. Find their likes and dislikes etc. Thanks so much Emma! I love what you sent. I do have a question though. On top of the batik fabric I have the threads and then the different colored deals. What are those? And how do you use them in your art? I have never seen them before. I love the colors. Everything is awesome!!


katelnorth said...

They look like they might be silk cocoons - hard to tell from the photo, perhaps Emma will let you know... you lucky thing!

Thelma said...

I do feel so lucky Kate. They are scrumpious. I have to decide on a very special project to make for myself with these. I have never used silk cocoons, I will have to figure out how you use them (g) They are so bright and pretty in color.