Friday, May 25, 2007

I've Been Tagged Again

I have been tagged by Cathy,to show my sewing space. So here it is. The pictures are out of order but you will eventually see where I do my handstitching.

Here is where I store my fabric. I have marked each container with the 24 Step Color Wheel and all fabric is placed in its color family. I have a container for my whites and blacks too.

And here is my Janome 6500 sewing machine. I have never had any problems with this machine.

Here is my cutting table.

Here is a better pic of my design wall. I have a portable one I made out of artist canvas and then put some flannel over it. I use it a lot too. Right now it is just sitting there against the wall.

Here is my monitor for my computer. I have to get me another Pc but this will be where it will be at when I do. Behind it you can see my design wall.

This is my Janome Embroidery Machine. That poor baby hasn't been used a lot. I need to buy lots more thread. Every time I have tried to make something with it I don't have the thread color I need.

You can see the storage I have under the table.

Here is where I usually sit when I am doing my handwork. I need to buy me some cushions for that rocker instead of using the big pillow, but it works for now. (g)

Now I am tagging Candy, to show us her sewing studio.


Charlene said...

Thanks for the tour - it was nice visiting with you this morning!

Cathy said...

I love your room's layout! Everything within reach and easily accessed and that fabric stash, I'm envious! {Remember I just started since getting a sewing machine for Christmas last year.} Now, when I read a post written by you, I can imagine you here. Enjoy yourself!

Thelma said...

Hello Charlene,
It was very nice having you over. (g)

Thelma said...

Hello Cathy,
It is pretty handy. I have such a small space I have to make the most of it, but it works really well for me. It took like three weeks to sort my fabrics by color family and get it all in it's own place but it was well worth it. Now whatever color I need is easy access to find.

Gerry said...

Goodness, Thelma I don't know how I missed this post. Now, this is organized. I love the little bins. and the desk set up. Good job!