Thursday, January 18, 2007

Arkansas Adventure

This was a block of month that Jaynette Huff came up with. She has written books on paper foundation piecing. Jaynette turned template patterns into paper foundation piecing. This quilt is called Arkansas Adventure. Jaynette wanted to know more about her home state, the facts, the legends, and tidbits of info because she wanted to make a quilt representing Arkansas. And that she did and she made it available for us to join in on fun. The kits came with enough fabric (Civil War)to make either a 6x6" block or 9x9" block. I have always made the bigger blocks so I chose to do mine 6x6". The block on the left is called Arkansas Crossroads: Jaynette chose this block because Arkansas is placed right smack in the middle of the South and you only have to travel on interstate 40 to understand that we truly are a busy crossroad. The block on the right is Square Dance: The Arkansas State American Folk dance is the Square Dance. Adopted by the General Assembly in 1991. I have 10 more blocks to go and 25 3x3 Star blocks to make to have this one finished. I have decided this is the project I am fixing to work on for WISP. I will post each block when finished and tell what that block represents. Till then.....

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