Sunday, January 7, 2007

My First Try at Dyeing My own Fabric

I have been studying color off and on for several years. I would pick up a little here and there not understanding color theory at all. So I decided to take classes on color. I took Lily Kerns Creative Color and she referred me to Faber Birren's Creative Color Book. A great book for learning color. I have signed up for Carol Miller's Color Companions class which starts at the end of the month. And I also plan on taking her Gradations and Transparencies class in February.I signed up for Marjie McWilliams Cotton Dyeing Basics class which started this past Saturday. These are the results of that class. I got Yellow,Golden Yellows, Orange Yellow and a Grayed Yellow. Cerulean Blue and Turquiose, Red,Orange, and Chartruese. Our first lesson consisted of the three primary colors, then using the left over dye in different formulas to see what we could get. I learned that I need to write on my fabric with a permanent marker the formula, cause I had written it down on paper but when I threw them in the washer I couldn't tell you which formula is for what. Except the Primaries (Yellow,Blue,Red)on top are from the first batch and the Primaries on second row are from the second batch. This has been so much fun!


Granny Fran said...

Enjoyed your blog. Thanks for mentioning Faber Birren's "Creative Color Book." Sounds like something I need to read. I'm still trying to work up my courage to try some dyeing.

Thelma said...

Your welcome! I really enjoyed it. I was afraid of trying to dye my fabric,but then I decided to take the plunge and now I am so glad I did. I really enjoy seeing the results you get.