Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Hey everyone! I usually don't put personal things in my blog but I had to share this with you all. In this picture of me playing croquet with my children you can tell I was getting pretty big. I am not sure how much I weighed in this picture but I had gotten up to 160 pounds. In the summer of 2005 we opened a shaved ice business and I started loosing some weight. Then like a dummy I went back to smoking cigarette's (after nine years of quitting) and of course the pounds were coming off. I got down to 142 pounds and decided to join Curves for Women. I started in April of 2006. Been going for nine months now and I have to share with you what I received when I weighed in today. Below you will see results of the inches , pounds, and body fat I have lost since I joined and below that you will see my monthly result. I didn't loose any weight but I lost 3.25 inches and 2.54 body fat pounds. I weigh 127 now.

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